Stella - The Minimalist Two-Hand Grey Leather Watch

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STELLA - A fine examples of fashion , with smooth leather straps, dial design, and sophistication that play a huge role in every man’s wardrobe.  These minimal watches feature a stainless steel back and front and are durable to keep you looking your best while enjoying a quality-made timepiece.  These are the best minimalist watches for men that will pair with casual wear, business wear, and anything else that needs that extra little something to make you stand out.  Very few pieces can seamlessly blend fashion and practicality, but these simple, polished watches do just that.

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Product Details:

Machine: Quartz
Crown Material: Stainless steel
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof: 30m
Dial diameter: 41mm
Bandwidth: 21mm
Band Length: 255mm
Band Material: Genuine Leather